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 Dear John:

Thank you for saving us from a major business disaster. The information that you retrieved from our Raid hard drives was irreplaceable. Thank you for working your magic. I highly recommend your services for everyone that needs fast and comprehensive technical assistance.


William M. Powell

Powell Law Offices, P.A.


Florida Offices


3515 Del Prado Blvd., South

Suite 101

Cape Coral, Florida 33904

(239) 540-3333

(239) 540-3336



Powell Law Offices, P.A.


Washington DC Offices


1629 K. Street NW, Suite 300

Washington, D.C. 20006

(202) 973-0185

Thanks for the help. I just provided the payment for the data recovery.
Your job has been great and helpful to my company.

Guido Barbi
Charlotte (NC) USA


Dear John, I just wanted to express my gratefulness for recovering 100% data off my seriously fried hard drive. It spent a week at Staples IT Dept. with no avail. Several days of calling around to companies specializing in recovery. Their starting prices was $500 (Despite some advertised a lot less). At this point I was concerned that once they have a "hook in" I would be stuck paying their est. high end price of $2500. After contacting you, I was at ease with your "No recovery, No fee policy", Fixed flat inexpensive rate and the time you spent educating me on the process. I also appreciated the great communication, providing updates on the recovery status, the short amount of time it took to forensically recover the data and return it to me. Please feel free to pass my contact info. to anyone that has any iota of a doubt regarding the veracity of US-Data Recovery. Thank You Roger T. tpataz@aol.com

I can’t speak more highly of the service and professionalism we received. We were facing the prospect of massive data loss and with their efforts we retrieved all our data and in an extremely quick timeframe. Great company and great people. ( Hp Proliant, Raid 5, 8 SAS Drives, 1 drive lost , 2 failing, volume failed to mount)

Stuart Williamson

Progressive Media Group


London office

John Carpenter House

7 Carmelite Street
United Kingdom

Sydney office

Level 2
63 York Street
NSW 2000

New York office

708 Third Avenue
10th Floor
New York
New York 10017



“Thank you for your quick response on my Raid data recovery! My business could have been down for days – but with your fast and considerate service you had my business back up and running in 3 days! Every other data company I called said they couldn’t even get to my data for 3 days AND their cost was more than double what you charged!

Unless – of course – I wanted to pay them a huge amount to expedite their service, on top of their huge fee?

You promised you would not charge me anything if you didn’t recover my data but I was happy to pay – because you got my business data back! Thank you again – I will be referring you to everyone!


Patricia Cranwell

Maxwell South Star Realty

Calgary, Alberta






"When our iMac's hard drive crashed, my wife and I were mortified as we had been remiss in doing our hard drive backups. After taking the computer to a Mac specialist, he informed us that he was unable to retrieve any of our data, but he referred us to US Data Recovery as a last resort. Admittedly, we were not hopeful at that point but we had some invaluable data on that hard drive that we thought it was worth a shot. I contacted US Data Recovery and was walked through the process in a very professional manner. Within two days of sending our crashed hard drive, US Data Recovery contacted me to tell me that they had been able to retrieve all of our data. Within one week of shipping the drive to them, we had our data returned to us - it was more than worth the price. Additionally, US Data Recovery gave me some incredibly helpful advice and information for some go-forward data backup best practices. We cannot thank them enough for help they gave us and I will recommend them to everyone in need without reservation."

Anthony Burton
Charlotte, NC

After a disastrous experience with multiple Apple stores and days spent searching for a reasonable data recovery option, I discovered John at US Data Recovery. Not only did they offer the best price around, but he was able to save all of my documents, pictures and music within a matter of days.

While I hope to never be in need of data recovery in the future, John will be my first and only call

Jonathon Berman
Burke, Virginia

John at US Data Recovery was a delight to work with. After a frustrating trip to the Apple store, John was able to restore my hard drive and help me get all my pictures back that I use in my business and personally. The service was fast and easy to use and John was able to answer all of my questions over the phone. I will definitely use US Data Recovery again if needed in the future.
Leslie Flanagan
Charlotte, North Carolina




I got everything. It all worked. I'm so thankful for you. Have a good one

Jenny Gilliam



Panama City Beach, FL

Dat-A-Syst, LLC

4035 South Blvd

Charlotte, NC 28209

704-523-3548 ext. 110


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"The drives arrived Saturday morning and we were back up by Saturday afternoon. I spent the rest of the afternoon inputting data that was missed while we were down and to date have not found anything missing.

I can't begin to thank you enough for your speedy effi

cient service. I'll admit I was nervous sending them out to an unknown entity in another state. I'll also admit to doing minor research on your organization before sending out my drives. I'm sure you can appreciate the

need for due diligence when entrusting our hard drives and accounting data to "a total stranger I found on the internet". I actually called one of your references and checked a variety of websites including both the BBB and the Florida Attorney General's office websites to make sure there was nothing out there to cause me concern.

I must tell you that you exceeded my expectations in restoring my data and returning it quickly. My records show that you received the hard drives shortly after 1:00 p.m. on Thursday and that you had completed the restoration by 6:30 a.m. on Friday. Very impressive considering most companies told me it was questionable if they would even be able to recover our data since two of the four drives in our Raid 5 Array were down. Most other data recovery companies quoted me a minimum of 3-5 days to attempt it and at a significantly higher rate. Thank you - you have no idea what a relief it is to have our data back.

I would definitely recommend US-Data Recovery for anyone needing data retrieval services. You were helpful, efficient and quick to respond. Thank you again!"




Jennifer Kirschner, CFO

Office Products Outlet, Inc.

Flint, Michigan




"I am deeply impressed and grateful to John & US Data Recovery for not only retrieving my data & saving me over $1300 but being so honest and forthright about what was actually wrong with my drive and taking the time to explain the process. Finally, a company with integrity, skill, intelligence and clear, considerate communication. I highly recommend US Data Recovery!!!"

"Another company did a diagnostic on my drive and said it would cost $1600 because the head was bad. A 3rd company offered a flat rate of $1200 claiming even if it cost more they will stick to the $1200 price. John looked at it and in less than 24 hrs he responded to me explaining that there was nothing wrong with my drive or data at all but in the connection between the housing & the power source. He put it into another enclosure and it started right up! Honest people may be a dying breed but I am SO glad to know there are still some people who would rather do a good job, help people and be paid a fair price! THANK YOU US DATA RECOVERY!!!"


Gwendy Joysen

Nashville, Tennessee

 Singer, Producer, Recording Artist








"I selected your company due to your reputation and your extremely competitive prices.  After corresponding with you, I felt like I had selected the right business to help me.  You certainly didn't disappoint me.


 Not only did you recover my data, you identified a problem with my hardware that was validated by another computer expert.  You presented a couple of feasible solutions to my problem before implementing one that solved another problem before it got worse.


 When I received my drive back and saw the files that I thought had been irrevocably lost, I was ecstatic.   My digital photo album was priceless and you were able to get every single picture file back.  That was worth the recovery cost by itself.


 I will not hesitate to recommend your service to others and wish to thank you very much again for an outstanding job!  Your patience and courtesy in dealing with a non-computer person is very much appreciated.  I owe you a sincere debt of gratitude"


      Sincerely      Edwin L. Kennedy, Jr

               Leavenworth, Kansas




"Late on Monday August 3rd, our company experienced a hard drive failure on our main accounting server.  On Tuesday, we determined that the two backups that we had were worthless and were bracing the prospect of weeks of data entry to rebuild our records.  We checked with several local places who advertised “Hard Drive Recovery” and they could do nothing.  That’s when we located US Data Recovery in Port Richey, Florida.   One of the employees drove it to Port Richey that evening. John Mahaney quickly assessed the drive and began the process of recovering the data. The recovered data was put on a DVD in the wee hours of the morning and we were up and running early on Wednesday the 5th.  All this for a very reasonable fee – less than the expedite fee of data recovery competitor.  We highly recommend US Data Recovery!"


Mark Szymanski

Strategic Business Solutions




"US-DataRecovery did an excellent job to recover all the files on my 1Gig Activa Flash drive. I sent it at 5 pm on 3/2/09 from Atlanta; they received it in the afternoon of 3/4/09 and by 5:34 pm they had recovered and notified me by email. I finished the deal by PayPal (only $75!) and that very evening they sent me the CD. I am back-up-and-running with my financial Excel files and caught up on my business records. Many thanks to John! "

God Loves You,

Roger Wahlberg





" Thanks for the quick service in recovery my photographs from the crashed hard drive.

Our Association recommends another Data Recovery Company.  Your turn around time was far superior and your pricing much more reasonable.  Please send some of your brochures and cards that I could pass out at our upcoming conference.  Below is the contact for our Association. I am not sure what their arraignment is with their recommended Data Recovery Company, but I believe you could provide our members with more reasonable and higher quality service. "



Strotz Photography





  Just a note to say thank you once again for getting my data back.  The Data you recovered was two years of work on the books I am writing.  Your pricing and return time were far more reasonable then other companies that I had contacted.  I would love to write an article for our newspaper here about your business……”


Trish Popovitch





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I got everything. It all worked. I'm so thankful for you. Have a good one

Jenny Gilliam



Panama City Beach, FL



Dat-A-Syst, LLC


4035 South Blvd

Charlotte, NC 28209

704-523-3548 ext. 110









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